The Caribbean Sea, and all the islands scattered in it, has revealed such wonder and splendor since its discovery that legends are often used to try to explain its unique character.

With just one glance from the plane you will get an idea of how generous nature has been with these lovely islands, illuminated by a splendid sun and covered with brightly colored nature and incredibly white sandy beaches.

Las Terrenas can be found right there, on the north-eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, one of the most beautiful places in the island of Hispaniola, discovered by Christopher Columbus more than five hundred years ago.

The village is famous for its long golden sandy beach, idyllically nestled between turquoise skies and crystalline seas that mirror each other until they meet at the horizon. Here the palm trees offer a shady shelter from the Caribbean sun and pleasant company along the charming deserted beach.

Las Terrenas has all the enchantment of a paradise lost, located away from mass tourism and all-inclusive resorts, making it easier to preserve its lush nature, still unspoiled and untouched.

It is a place where time seems to have stood still, where the people are always happy, and the atmosphere is genuinely hospitable, where you can still enjoy the best of nature without sacrificing the essentials. It is a place that inevitably fascinates and excites all the tourists who visit it.

Calle Coronel Caamaño Deñó, Playa Las Ballenas, Las Terrenas, Samaná, República Dominicana.


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